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Why don’t we get more cancer? A proposed role of the microenvironment in restraining cancer progression

MJ Bissell, WC Hines
Nature medicine 17 (3), 320-329
782 2011
ECM microenvironment regulates collective migration and local dissemination in normal and malignant mammary epithelium

KV Nguyen-Ngoc, KJ Cheung, A Brenot, ER Shamir, RS Gray, WC Hines, …
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (39), E2595-E2604
163 2012
Telomere DNA content and allelic imbalance demonstrate field cancerization in histologically normal tissue adjacent to breast tumors

CM Heaphy, M Bisoffi, CA Fordyce, CM Haaland, WC Hines, NE Joste, …
International journal of cancer 119 (1), 108-116
67 2006
Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-3 is associated with neuronal death in reperfusion injury

JA Wallace, S Alexander, EY Estrada, C Hines, LA Cunningham, …
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 22 (11), 1303-1310
53 2002
Sorting out the FACS: a devil in the details

WC Hines, Y Su, I Kuhn, K Polyak, MJ Bissell
Cell reports 6 (5), 779-781
36 2014
Protease nexin-1 expression is altered in human breast cancer

BJ Candia, WC Hines, CM Heaphy, JK Griffith, RA Orlando
Cancer Cell International 6 (1), 16
36 2006
Quantitative and spatial measurements of telomerase reverse transcriptase expression within normal and malignant human breast tissues

WC Hines, AM Fajardo, NE Joste, M Bisoffi, JK Griffith
Molecular cancer research 3 (9), 503-509
34 2005
Telomerase activation by c-Myc in human mammary epithelial cells requires additional genomic changes

AV Bazarov, WC Hines, R Mukhopadhyay, A Beliveau, S Melodyev, …
Cell Cycle 8 (20), 3373-3378
32 2009
Renin-angiotensin polymorphisms and QTc interval prolongation in end-stage renal disease

V Raizada, B Skipper, W Luo, L Garza, CW Hines, AA Harford, PG Zager, …
Kidney international 68 (3), 1186-1189
30 2005
p16INK4a‐mediated suppression of telomerase in normal and malignant human breast cells

AV Bazarov, M Van Sluis, WC Hines, E Bassett, A Beliveau, E Campeau, …
Aging cell 9 (5), 736-746
28 2010
Age-associated gene expression in normal breast tissue mirrors qualitative age-at-incidence patterns for breast cancer

JR Pirone, M D’arcy, DA Stewart, WC Hines, M Johnson, MN Gould, …
Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Biomarkers 21 (10), 1735-1744
26 2012
Promotion of variant human mammary epithelial cell outgrowth by ionizing radiation: an agent-based model supported by in vitro studies

R Mukhopadhyay, SV Costes, AV Bazarov, WC Hines, MH Barcellos-Hoff, …
Breast Cancer Research 12 (1), R11
26 2010
The specific role of pRb in p16INK4A-mediated arrest of normal and malignant human breast cells

AV Bazarov, WJ Lee, I Bazarov, M Bosire, WC Hines, B Stankovich, …
Cell cycle 11 (5), 1008-1013
21 2012
BORIS (CTCFL) is not expressed in most human breast cell lines and high grade breast carcinomas

WC Hines, AV Bazarov, R Mukhopadhyay, P Yaswen
PLoS One 5 (3), e9738
17 2010
Breast field cancerization: isolation and comparison of telomerase-expressing cells in tumor and tumor adjacent, histologically normal breast tissue

KA Trujillo, WC Hines, KM Vargas, AC Jones, NE Joste, M Bisoffi, …
Molecular Cancer Research 9 (9), 1209-1221
16 2011
Expression profiles of androgen independent bone metastatic prostate cancer cells indicate up-regulation of the putative serine-threonine kinase GS3955

M Bisoffi, I Klima, E Gresko, PN Durfee, WC Hines, JK Griffith, UE Studer, …
The Journal of urology 172 (3), 1145-1150
13 2004
Modelling breast cancer requires identification and correction of a critical cell lineage-dependent transduction bias

WC Hines, P Yaswen, MJ Bissell
Nature communications 6
12 2015
Coordinate regulation between expression levels of telomere‐binding proteins and telomere length in breast carcinomas

KS Butler, WC Hines, CM Heaphy, JK Griffith
Cancer medicine 1 (2), 165-175
10 2012
Assessment of the frequency of allelic imbalance in human tissue using a multiplex polymerase chain reaction system

CM Heaphy, WC Hines, KS Butler, CM Haaland, G Heywood, EG Fischer, …
The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics 9 (2), 266-271
10 2007
Nuclear repartitioning of galectin-1 by an extracellular glycan switch regulates mammary morphogenesis

R Bhat, B Belardi, H Mori, P Kuo, A Tam, WC Hines, QT Le, CR Bertozzi, …
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (33), E4820-E4827
5 2016
Allelic imbalance in the diagnosis and prognosis of cancer

J Griffith, C Heaphy, M Bisoffi, W Hines
US Patent App. 11/158,653
4 2005
184AA3: a xenograft model of ER+ breast adenocarcinoma

WC Hines, I Kuhn, K Thi, B Chu, G Stanford-Moore, R Sampayo, …
Breast cancer research and treatment 155 (1), 37-52
2 2016

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